How to use your iPhone or iPad to diagnose or treat conditions

A new way of treating conditions could be coming to the UK, as a medical device manufacturer aims to develop a device that would allow doctors to diagnose and treat disease without the use of needles.

Dubai-based Nuvion says it will develop a new implant that it claims can treat cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes without the need for an injection.

Nuvion has said the implant could replace the needle as the preferred method of diagnosing diseases such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

It’s a technology that could lead to the development of a new generation of medical devices that doctors would not need to carry around with them.

“We’re aiming to develop an implant that could be implanted in the human body, which could allow doctors and patients to be treated without needles,” said Dr Ahmad Jumaili, Nuvions CEO and co-founder.

The company, based in Dubai, will be the first to use a process called “therapeutic cloning” to develop the device.

Therapeutic cloned stem cells are used to create the cells that can be used to clone DNA or other parts of a person’s body.

Dr Jumailsi said the company had already demonstrated a new method for cloning stem cells and had been working with leading stem cell research groups to get the device approved for clinical trials.

The device is expected to cost up to £20,000 ($30,000) but the company has not disclosed any financial terms.

Dr Nuvison’s main competitor, BioDome Therapeutics, plans to use similar technology to develop its own version of the implant.

Dr Ahmad Jumsi said BioDomes implant is likely to cost about the same as the current cost of the device, which would be about £20.

But he said the current technology was not yet available to the wider public.

“The technology is not yet used commercially.

So it’s a bit of a long way from being commercially viable,” he said.”

What I’m really excited about is the fact that this technology is coming from a company that is a world leader in stem cell cloning technology and I think it could be a game changer for the way we treat diseases.”

It could be very disruptive for the pharmaceutical industry.

“BioDome said the technology was still at a early stage of development and the company did not have a firm date for commercialisation.

Dr Zayn Ali, chief executive of BioDom, said the new device was the latest step in a “massive shift” in the medical treatment of diseases, including diabetes and Parkinson’s.”

This is an important first step in the direction of regenerative medicine and for a variety of reasons, this is something that we are quite excited about,” Dr Ali said.

BioDomes current model is designed to help treat diabetes and other forms of dementia.

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