Inside the New York Times’s Alumni Directory

NEW YORK—For a decade now, the New Times has been compiling a directory of alumni, which the paper then posts on its website.

But this year, it is expanding the list with a whole new category.

The new category, “recycle,” allows members to submit items from their offices and then post them on a site called “Alumni Exchange.”

The Times said it will use the feedback to improve the directory.

“We’ve got some great alumni, some amazing alumni who come to us to talk about how they are using their time and their time being able to be productive, and we’ve got others who are just being creative and wanting to share some of their work,” David Marquez, the Times’s deputy managing editor for alumni, told the Associated Press.

“We want to get those people out there and show them how they can use their time.”

Alumni are not required to apply for the new category or to fill out a form to receive their items.

Instead, they submit a brief, personalized profile, and are then invited to send them to the paper for review.

The Times says its process is different than other archives, because it uses the feedback of alumni to help shape the future of the directory and to ensure it stays up-to-date.

“There are certain types of things that we want to show, that we’re not going to show just because we’ve decided that that’s the right thing to do,” Marquez said.

“It’s not like we’re putting something out to just let it sit on our website.

It’s just that it’s not just a random thing that we’ll just do.”

The Times said the criteria it uses to select which items will be included on the list include the types of items that were donated to the university or used in the university’s alumni programs, such as books, artworks, and music.

It also uses a combination of research and personal experience to determine which items fall under the category.

The Times will also make sure the alumni’s contributions to the library, the arts, and other initiatives are documented.

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