IBM’s $100M cloud computing project has a ‘huge’ impact on the next generation of office servers

IBM announced today that it has signed a $100 million deal with Microsoft to work on a new generation of its cloud-based server and workstation software that will bring the company’s cloud-like infrastructure into the modern world.

The cloud-native computing platform is being developed by IBM in collaboration with Microsoft Azure, a cloud-hosted computing platform that offers a high level of control over data centers.

The $100m is part of IBM’s ongoing cloud efforts, including the $100 billion acquisition of Microsoft in June, the $70 billion acquisition by Amazon in June and the $40 billion acquisition from Softbank earlier this year.

The Cloud Center initiative will work with IBM’s existing enterprise customers and a broad range of partners to enable a unified approach for cloud computing, IBM said in a statement.

This new platform will offer a comprehensive cloud solution that includes cloud services like web services, data center services and hybrid cloud offerings.

It will enable enterprise customers to integrate with the cloud for both data and computing needs, and it will enable developers to deliver cloud-ready applications across a variety of applications.

The platform will also provide cloud-aware support and integrations with existing cloud services, including Microsoft Azure.

It also will enable new, cloud-centric cloud computing services like hybrid cloud and data center.

“We’re excited to be working with IBM and its customers to bring cloud computing to a new era,” said Michael Guggenheim, chief technology officer of IBM Global Cloud.

“Cloud computing is a growing opportunity for our company.

IBM has an extensive portfolio of cloud solutions, which has helped us to scale rapidly across the enterprise, enabling us to take on the most demanding and complex workloads in the data center.”

The Cloud Centric initiative will also include cloud-wide capabilities like analytics and other tools that allow IBM to help IT teams better manage cloud resources and workflows.

“The CloudCentric initiative delivers on IBM’s goal of bringing cloud computing into the 21st century,” said Andrew McBride, vice president and general manager of IBM Cloud Computing.

“With a growing number of organizations adopting cloud computing and using cloud computing as the main computing platform, it is critical that IBM continue to provide innovative solutions that are able to address the challenges of cloud computing.”

In the coming months, we will work closely with the IBM community to ensure that our enterprise customers are fully empowered to benefit from IBM CloudCentrics and CloudCentrism.

“For more information on IBM Cloud Centrics, visit the IBM Cloud Center website and follow the IBM news on Twitter.

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