Australian government to spend $8 billion on new office equipment

The Australian Government is expected to spend about $8.5 billion over four years on new business equipment, including a new range of office chairs and desk equipment, according to an executive summary of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet’s new operating strategy released today.

The budget released by Mr Abbott’s government is expected later this month, and will be the first government to publicly announce the details of the planned equipment spending since the start of the financial year.

The plan is designed to reduce the burden on taxpayers by shifting spending from existing infrastructure projects into new and innovative ones.

Mr Abbott said in a statement the plan would help Australian businesses to grow, attract and retain top talent.

The strategy is set to be presented to the Parliament later this year, and is expected in Budget Estimates on November 18.

Mr Morrison told Parliament he wanted to increase infrastructure spending to meet growing demand, and to support the economic recovery.

“The Government is determined to build the infrastructure that will allow Australia to compete on the world stage and the economic future,” he said.

“Our investment in infrastructure will create thousands of good jobs, grow our economy, and support a resilient and sustainable workforce.”

But our Government is also determined to support Australia’s businesses and local communities.

“We know that businesses will create jobs and create economic prosperity, and local businesses will grow and flourish, and have the confidence to invest here at home.”

The plan also includes the introduction of a national workforce investment strategy.

It states the strategy will be presented in the Budget next year, with a detailed outline to follow.

The national workforce investments strategy will include the following:The National Investment Strategy for Australia 2020 is the Government’s long-term economic strategy to support growth and jobs.

The Government will spend about US$2.5 trillion over the next four years in the areas of infrastructure, public transport, transport infrastructure and other infrastructure-related investments.

The investment will support 1.8 million jobs across the country, with the bulk of the money coming from the Federal Government and the Commonwealth.

The Budget will also announce a number of new policies that will be rolled out across the Government, including:The Department of Industry and Science will increase the number of manufacturing jobs by nearly 1,500 over four decades.

The new investment plan includes an increase in funding for Australian manufacturing companies.

The Federal Government will commit $300 million over four to help build a “big bang” new manufacturing strategy, aimed at boosting jobs and competitiveness.

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