What you need to know about the health care bill that passed the Senate this week

The House of Representatives approved a major health care overhaul Tuesday, and it will now head to President Donald Trump for his signature.

The bill would dramatically increase federal spending on prescription drugs and Medicaid, while eliminating a slew of other taxes, among other things.

Trump said during a White House press briefing Tuesday that the legislation is going to be a disaster.

The GOP bill, he said, is a disaster because of the spending it will require.

He added that if the president vetoes it, the House and Senate will override that veto and pass the bill.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said the president should veto it.

“The president has the power to veto this legislation, and I will veto it,” Ryan said, according to the Associated Press.

Trump also promised to make the health bill permanent.

“If he vetoes this bill, I will sign it, and that’s what I’ll do,” Trump said Tuesday morning.

The legislation was signed by Vice President Mike Pence and the Senate’s Democrats, with the support of only six Republicans.

Trump, though, has vowed to veto it, saying he is not a doctor and that the bill is a bad deal for the American people.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a California Republican, said that the Senate bill is “the most expensive piece of legislation in American history.”

“I don’t think the American public wants to see it go through,” he said.

The House passed the bill on a 227-205 vote, with nine Democrats joining all Republicans in voting against it.

Senate Democrats voted against the legislation, too, but the GOP caucus voted to approve it anyway.

The Senate bill was passed on a 235-175 vote.

It includes funding for border security, expanding Medicaid and providing health care coverage to the poor.

The White House said the House will work to repeal the House bill as soon as possible, while the Senate is expected to take the final step on its own.

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