How many times have you ordered an office computer at the mall? Here’s how many times it’s been returned.

The mall, in Malone, Colorado, is currently the only location in the United States where customers can buy office furniture.

But the mall’s long-term plan to convert the mall into a hub for the internet is a step in the right direction, according to Michael Schulz, who manages the mall.

“We have the ability to convert our parking lot to serve as a hub and then bring in a lot of things like computers, TVs, and printers,” he told The Verge.

“So we’re actually looking at how can we get the internet to be on a lot more computers than people are using.”

This week, Malone will officially open to the public.

According to the mall, it will be the largest mall in the country to serve internet users.

As part of the transformation, the mall is planning to add more office furniture, which is expected to include a few hundred office computers.

According, Malones website: The office furniture is designed with a lot and a lot, with the intention of bringing in a large number of office items.

It also has a great range of features, including a large amount of shelving, shelves and desks, a variety of shelved storage areas and a large collection of free-standing desks, tables, and other office furniture for office use.

The office will be available for free and will be made to last for many years.

Malones management team also wants to see how internet use can be expanded to other areas of the mall that are not part of Malone.

“The plan is to see what other areas we can expand into, like the movie theater and retail,” Schulz said.

“And then once we have expanded, we would love to do some of that in other locations.”

It’s important to note that Malones staff have been using the internet for quite some time.

It was launched back in 2011.

According the mall website, the site offers customers the option of purchasing an office furniture package from any of the many retailers in the mall: Walmart, Home Depot, Kohl’s, and OfficeMax.

But Schulz says that they also have a variety other products for customers.

He told The Huffington Post that customers can also get office furniture at local malls like the mall in Kansas City, Missouri.

“It’s a great shopping experience for everyone,” Schutz said.

Malone is a small mall that was founded in 1959 and has been a popular shopping destination since.

The mall is currently a hub of the internet.

However, the online shopping has had a negative impact on the mall as well.

In 2014, the Malone Mall experienced a $3 million loss, according the mall company.

In 2016, the Mall experienced $3.3 million in losses.

Schulz told The Washington Post that they have been trying to do something about the online sales for a while now, but it was not until last year that they had a solution.

“I think we are starting to see some change and we are trying to make it a little more comfortable for our customers,” he said.

He hopes that the mall can eventually become a hub in the internet of things, which includes smart appliances.

He said that this can also help the mall attract more office space and encourage people to shop there.

“What we want to see is that we make it more convenient to use the internet, and then make sure we have access to a variety and that people don’t have to go through a lot to get what they want,” Schulz said.

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