What you need to know about the UAE Embassy in London

In January, UK Prime Minister Theresa May unveiled plans to create the first ever UK embassy in Dubai.

The new embassy will be located at the historic Al Thani hotel and the UK Government will host an official ceremony to announce its location and name on November 30.

The decision came after weeks of discussion with UAE government officials about the need to build a new UK embassy, which has the potential to be the most significant move in a number of diplomatic efforts.

The United Kingdom is home to over 500,000 people, according to the United Nations, and over half of them live in the UAE.

With the number of people living in the country, the UAE’s embassy is a major addition to the country’s diplomatic footprint.

The UAE, which is the world’s second largest economy and second-largest emirate after Saudi Arabia, has been hosting diplomatic missions in London and other major cities since at least 2002.

The first one, the UK Embassy in Washington, DC, opened in 2000 and was officially named in 2018.

It was the first British Embassy to be based in the United States, and it is currently hosting the UK’s Ambassador to India.

London’s decision to become the first major emirates to establish their own embassies is significant because it means that the UAE will have the most international representation in the UK.

London will have a permanent mission in the US, while the UAE has no permanent ambassador to the US.

The UK will be the third emiratization of the UAE after Saudi and Kuwait.

With Dubai being the world headquarters of the US Navy, it will be an important stepping stone in the development of relations between the US and UAE.

However, this announcement was met with skepticism, particularly as many of the decisions taken by the UAE government have been controversial.

However the decision has the backing of many in the international community, including the United Kingdom, which welcomed the move and has invested heavily in the future of the diplomatic presence in Dubai over the years.

UK Prime minister Theresa May, who will lead a delegation to the UAE, will also unveil plans for a new embassy during a speech on November 10.

The announcement comes after months of discussion, and the announcement comes on the heels of an investment from a private equity firm that wants to build an office in the Emirates.

It’s the latest development in a series of moves by the UK and the UAE in the years following the London Olympics, which were marred by protests over police brutality and corruption.

The British government is expected to announce an investment plan for the new UK Embassy, which was originally scheduled for 2020.

The government hopes that the investment will create jobs in the British economy and allow the UK to better serve its own people.

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