What you need to know about the health care law’s coverage requirements

Health insurance plans are required to cover at least one essential health benefit and a minimum of 12 preventive care services per year.

This includes prescription drugs, hospitalization and dental care.

Some states have set limits on the coverage of some essential health benefits.

To help consumers choose an insurance plan that best suits their needs, we have created the Essential Health Benefits list, a list of essential health care benefits and the average cost for plans in each state.

For more, see The Essential Health Benefit List: Essential Health Care Benefits and Average Cost of a Health Insurance Plan in each State.

Essential Health Benefits List: Medical Treatment and Preventive Care The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has published guidelines for treating and preventing chronic illnesses and conditions that may affect your health.

You can find the most recent guideline on the NIH’s website, or call the National Institutes for Health Health at 1-800-731-4343.

You should discuss these guidelines with your doctor, who will review them with you and decide whether they are medically necessary.

Your doctor will likely need to check you for signs of chronic illness and treat you for any new symptoms.

You may also need to have tests done.

The Mayo Clinic offers a list with more information.

Other health insurance plans can provide more specific coverage for some or all of these essential health requirements.

For example, some plan plans may cover some or none of these preventive care and treatment needs.

You might be able to get a plan that includes some or many of these services.

You will have to determine what is medically necessary for you based on your age, sex, health condition and medical history.

You are also responsible for knowing the cost of the benefits you will receive, including deductibles and coinsurance.

Essential health care is covered under your state’s insurance plan.

For detailed information on essential health, see Essential Health Coverage.

If you qualify, you should have a policy with at least a 10% premium.

Some health insurance companies may offer plans with higher premium levels, or even no premium.

If your premium is lower than what you are required, you might be eligible for a lower deductible, no-premium health plan.

Essential Benefits list: Other Health Care Coverage and Coverage Requirements If you are eligible for Medicare or Medicaid, you can buy health insurance through your state government.

To find out more, visit the Medicare or Medicare Advantage website.

You also may be eligible to receive free or reduced-cost health care services from a state health insurance provider.

Coverage of essential benefits depends on the type of plan you purchase.

Your state may also require that you provide certain disclosures on your insurance application.

To learn more about health insurance coverage requirements and benefits, see What You Need to Know About Essential Health.

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