NFL Players Take Aim at NFL Players Who ‘Hate’ the News

The NFL Players Association is not the only organization that is taking aim at players who say they don’t support Donald Trump.

And now, we have a new twist: an anonymous source says the league has “discovered” that some players are trying to “steal” Trump’s support by saying that Trump is a racist.

Here’s how this report was originally published:According to the source, “some” players are actually “hating” the President.

“I don’t understand how anyone could be a supporter of Trump and still be a racist, and I don’t get it either,” the anonymous source told Bleacher Reports.

“Trump is a bigot, and some people don’t think that Trump’s rhetoric is acceptable.”

But the source also claimed that some Trump supporters have taken this line of reasoning to the next level, calling the president a racist and claiming that the NFL players’ protest is actually part of a “war” against Trump.

The source said that players are “taking a stand” against “a man that is a serial liar, who is a misogynist, who wants to put us all out of work,” and that players will “take this as a fight to the death,” according to the report.

This is just one of many stories that show that the players are taking a stand against Trump, and that they are taking the fight to him, which is something that the league is well aware of.

Last year, the NFL decided to boycott the U.S. Women’s World Cup because of Trump’s comments about women and the U:C.S., which Trump referred to as a “disgrace” in a tweet earlier this month.

Trump then went on to refer to the league’s players as “tough guys” who would rather “go home” than “play the games.”

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