When you put an antiques office equipment order on hold, the item is still available

Douglassville, Texas, is on the verge of an unexpected economic boom.

But if the city’s office furniture industry is going to get its mojo back, the city is in the middle of a major overhaul.

On Friday, the Southern California-based company that runs its office furniture stores is expected to announce an expansion of its retail stores, with more than 300 of them expected to open this year.

In addition to a new facility that will house an expanded inventory of antiques, the company will build an additional 300 to 400 new stores and open more than 1,500 of them.

The new expansion, known as the Antique Room and Office Equipment Center, is the largest office furniture project in the world and it could bring the company even more money into the city.

Douglassville Mayor Steve Gomery says the Antiques Room and Equipment Center will bring more jobs to the city and will help revive a downtown area that has seen significant decline in recent years.

“It’s a great day for us,” Gomeries said.

“It will create jobs.

It will help our economy.

It’s a wonderful thing for us to have.”

The city is a favorite among antiques enthusiasts, and its population has been steadily declining for decades.

In 2013, it had a population of 3,923.

By the end of the year, that number had dropped to 1,817.

Douglasville, which sits about 60 miles southwest of San Francisco, is one of the most diverse cities in the country, with a population in the mid-400s.

Doumont’s population has also been declining.

In 2014, the last census in the city was taken, there were about 6,400 residents, a decline of more than 13 percent from the previous year.

Gomery and his city council have made plans to redevelop the downtown area.

Doumville will eventually become the fourth major U.S. city to have a redevelopment plan, after Detroit, Baltimore and Atlanta.

Douville’s redevelopment plans were originally proposed by the American Society of Interior Architects in 2012.

Its proposed development includes a new parking garage, more retail space and a new office building.

In December, the American Association of State and County Attorneys (AASAC) voted to endorse the plan, but the city council is still considering the plan.

Gomoeries says his city is still working to come up with a budget and other projects that will allow him to keep the Antics Room and office equipment center open.

“We’re still working on it,” he said.

“The Antiques room is one thing, but I’m hoping to have something with the rest of the buildings.

But it will be an important piece of our future.”

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