The Lad’s Secret Office Equipment

The Lad is the most famous office accessory in America, and his office furniture has been in fashion for decades.

There’s a whole industry devoted to the Lad’s office accessories, and you might have seen one of these items advertised on eBay.

It’s a classic piece of office furniture with a few minor differences: The Lad has his own office space in the same location as his wife, the office is bigger, and it’s in the company of a female colleague.

But there’s one major difference: There’s no drawer, desk, or desk drawer.

The Lad doesn’t need to keep a stack of his office gear, but he can carry them with him.

The Lad has a closet of office supplies in his office that he can open when he needs to store his office stuff.

A small drawer in the corner holds his laptop, which is the only piece of equipment he’s ever owned.

The drawer is a little hard to see, so the Lad makes it look easy.

The office space is bigger than the Lad needs, but it’s not quite the same.

His desk is a good distance away from the Lad.

The desk is in his wife’s office, but there’s a small shelf next to it.

The shelf is his personal space.

When the Lad has to use his office space, he just turns it into his own personal office space.

The desk drawer is very large, but the Lad isn’t using it for anything.

It just holds the Lad stuff he needs, like notebooks and pencils, his workstations, and the Lad himself.

It doesn’t have any storage, so he has to store all his office equipment in it.

The drawer is easy to see from a distance, but you can’t see the Lad using it to store anything.

The only thing you can see is the Lad holding his desk drawer in front of him.

The next room to the desk is the bathroom.

You can’t hear the Lad typing on his computer, so it’s hard to tell if he’s using the desk drawer to hold his laptop.

But you can tell the Lad is using it because the drawer is lined with a thick, dark blue cloth.

There are no wires connecting the drawer to anything, so you can almost see the drawer open and close.

The top of the drawer has a small button on it, so that when the Lad opens the drawer, he can hear his wife opening and closing the door.

If you close the drawer when he’s not using it, he’ll probably never notice.

The ladder is made from metal and has a very thin metal bar.

It slides down the Lad Lad’s neck when he sits at his desk.

The ladder is very small, but that’s what makes it so popular.

The Desk is the other Lad’s favorite office accessory, so its a little harder to see in this picture, but its easy to tell: the Lad doesn

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