How a new kind of medical equipment is making the difference in treating sick patients

An office supply company is developing a new type of medical-grade office equipment that is saving people’s lives, and it’s helping a hospital and a hospital system get better.

Shasta Office Equipment, Inc. (SHAO) has partnered with the University of California, San Francisco to develop a device that is able to deliver a high dose of oxygen to people in the immediate proximity of a ventilator and help stabilize them.

The device is being used by doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to administer oxygen to patients who are breathing through a ventilated bag or mask.

Shastas oxygen mask can be used in a variety of environments, including the hospital, home, or office.

The company says it is currently in testing and testing at the University Hospital of San Francisco in Oakland, California, and in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The device is made of an electrode and is attached to a flexible tube that is connected to a medical device called a micro-pulsed oxygen mask (MPO).

It is connected directly to the airway with a mechanical pulse that is designed to deliver oxygen to the heart and other organs, but it also allows it to deliver high levels of oxygen for short periods.

The company is still testing the device in the lab.

Its main goal is to see how well it can deliver oxygen in the workplace.

It will then test it in the field.

It is designed for use in an office setting, such as an office with a medical department, where oxygen delivery is crucial.

The team is hoping that this new technology will help patients and healthcare professionals perform more important tasks such as delivering medications or performing surgeries in a safe environment.

“The medical field is evolving and it is really important to us to be part of this,” said Shasta President and CEO Kevin McAlpine.

“The use of oxygen as an alternative to an artificial lung is a new technology that can have huge positive impact on healthcare providers and patients.”

The company says its technology is being tested in hospitals and health care settings, but is also working with a number of other healthcare facilities.

They include hospitals, home health agencies, community health centers, and the University at Albany Medical Center.

The hospital’s emergency department has already started using the device.

The University of San Diego Health System is using the technology in a ventilation system and also using it in an oxygen delivery system to provide oxygen to patient airway.

The system can deliver the oxygen in a compressed bag and the device can be attached to an oxygen mask that is also attached to the device and can be taken to the patient.

The University of Utah’s medical school is also using the system in a ventilation system.

It is testing it in its intensive care unit.

McAlpine said the device is already helping doctors perform the critical work of monitoring patients in the hospital and delivering oxygen, which can be vital in a hospital environment.

He said Shastas system has the potential to change the way hospitals deliver oxygen.

It can also help doctors and other medical professionals perform critical tasks such a administering medications, performing surgeries, and managing patients’ oxygen levels.

“It will change the role of the oxygen system,” McAlpe said.

“This technology is not just for people in hospital settings, it is an important part of the healthcare delivery system.

This is a game changer.””

The use as an oxygen system is a key step to improving quality of care in a patient environment,” said John A. Larkin, M.D., associate professor of internal medicine at UCSF.

“When we look at a patient’s oxygen level in their lungs, we see a number on the ventilators, but the most important part is oxygen delivered to the brain and spinal cord.

This technology is going to help people perform critical work that has never been done before, such in the emergency department, as well as being a lifesaver in other settings.”

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