What you need to know about moving office equipment

More than a quarter of Australia’s office furniture sales are moving to overseas competitors.

The number of new office furniture arrivals in the past 12 months has risen from just over 100,000 to more than 300,000, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

That has created a big demand for overseas furniture sellers, with the average overseas furniture retailer selling furniture from overseas for around $2,500 a piece.

There’s a lot of overseas furniture coming in, but what is it that’s being sold?

The most common type of office furniture sold in Australia is the desk, but it also includes desks and chairs, tables, chairs and stools, and office chairs and office desks.

“You can’t have a lot going in the same space, so we’ve seen a shift towards office desks,” says Matthew Green, head of retail sales at furniture and office equipment company Brookhouse.

“In a number of locations, particularly regional, they’re being moved out of the office space.”

The desks are getting more popular as they’re easier to get out of.

“There’s more of a focus on making them more comfortable and the desks are being more popular.”

The biggest demand for office furniture is in Victoria, where the total number of office equipment sales has risen by nearly 100,00.

The total number is almost double the amount from three years ago, when the figure was only about 10,000.

“I think it’s mainly because of the increased use of tablets, smartphones, and computers, which is putting pressure on desks and stoves,” Mr Green says.

“It’s also putting pressure [on] office chairs.”

But he warns that it’s not all about the desk.

“I think in some places we’re seeing a rise in the use of office chairs, and some people are actually buying chairs with desktops, which are getting a bit more popular, particularly in Sydney.”

The number one seller of office desk furniture is the local company that has been around for 50 years, Mr Green believes.

“We’ve had a lot more sales over the past year than we did last year,” he says.

“We’ve just had a couple of big ones that were a bit of a shock.”

But that trend will soon change.

In a bid to help office furniture sellers outsell rivals, Brookhouse is expanding into new markets, with some of its biggest international markets already set to be open by 2020.

“With our global footprint, we’ve had some big deals in Europe and Asia and we’ve even got some deals in Latin America and in the US,” Mr Redding says.

It’s this international expansion that will help Brookhouse to keep up with demand.

“As we expand our presence overseas, we will continue to bring in some new products and new brands, so that will allow us to continue to increase our presence in Australia and around the world,” he explains.


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