How Trump could derail Senate GOP plan to reform Obamacare

The Senate GOP is expected to pass a bill on Thursday that would slash funding to Medicare, Medicaid and the Veterans Administration in an effort to dismantle the Affordable Care Act.

The bill is expected by the end of the week.

It would cut federal payments to states for providing health care services, and the program would end on Sept. 30.

The House passed the bill on June 28.

The bill would strip funding from Medicare Advantage and other public health insurance programs and give states the option of picking up those costs, as well as provide a tax credit for private insurance companies to cover the cost of expanding the program.

Republican senators have vowed to vote against the bill.

They argue that it would give states more leeway to waive the law’s coverage requirements, which critics say could encourage people to sign up for the health care program they don’t want.

But some GOP lawmakers have privately argued that the bill is needed to avoid another government shutdown.

Republicans want to make the legislation permanent.

If Democrats reject it, it would face a critical vote in the Senate on Thursday, when it would be sent to President Donald Trump for his signature.

The legislation is being drafted in a way that will be difficult to amend, and would likely pass both chambers.

Democrats, however, have already threatened to block the legislation from going to the president’s desk if it does not pass.

Democrats have repeatedly called for more money for Medicare and other health care programs, arguing that the Affordable Act did not expand health care coverage for the average American.

Trump has repeatedly called Medicare and Medicaid a “fraud,” and he has repeatedly defended the law as being fair to low-income Americans.

Senate Republicans are expected to vote on Thursday on a bill that would cut funding to the Department of Veterans Affairs, which has been criticized for its backlog of veterans who have died waiting for treatment.

The VA is also under fire for delays in the health of veterans.

The VA has been under a cloud of controversy in recent weeks.

A scathing report by the Government Accountability Office said the agency is “understaffed and underfunded” and that the Veterans Health Administration has been “grossly underfunded.”

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