How to get the most out of the Westcott office-equipment brand

Posted January 24, 2018 08:29:21When I purchased my Westcott Office Equipment for the first time, I was excited to finally get the brand back on the shelf and I was a little surprised to find out that the package I received wasn’t the one I had ordered. 

A little disappointed and a little anxious, I sent the package back to Westcott. 

“We’ll have to wait until they are back in stock,” Westcott wrote to me on December 8. 

I’m a little more concerned about my Westcotts office equipment than the other products I purchased. 

If I have an issue with the package, I will definitely be contacting Westcott and checking on its status. 

Westcott has not responded to my request for an interview, so I’ll have more to say about this when I receive the package. 

Before we get to the Westcotys products, here’s how you can get the best value from the company. 

To begin, Westcott has a pretty simple and clear policy regarding the West Cotts Office Equipment brands it sells. 

For a wide range of office supplies, including desktops, laptops, printers, monitors, scanners, printers and more, you can shop for office supplies on Westcott’s website or through the company’s customer service line. 

You can also call Westcott directly at 1-800-836-8200 to schedule an appointment. 

Once you receive your Westcotx office supplies package, the next step is to check its status and determine if you have an order to ship. 

Depending on the size of your order, has some of the most comprehensive lists of office products available on the web. 

Some products are available for purchase online, but Westcott will usually send you a tracking number and a shipping address. 

The tracking number is usually the email address you provided on your order confirmation email. 

It is important to note that the Westcots tracking number may not be updated on the Westcoast office products site for several months, which is why it is important you contact Westcott if you notice any issues with your order. 

Additionally, Westcarts office supplies may not ship directly to Westcottermans home office. 

That’s because Westcotters office supplies are shipped to the customer’s home office and that office must be in compliance with the West Coasts rules regarding indoor air quality. 

In order to determine if your Westcott product is in compliance, you will need to check the WestCotts website for the specific product number. 

After you verify that the product is legal to ship to WestCoast office addresses, you’ll have a list of addresses that can receive your products. 

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that Westcototts products will ship to all the WestCoasts office addresses. 

Because of that, it’s best to check your Westcott office supplies online before you order.

I’ve used Westcot, Westcoasts office supplies and other office supplies over the past few years. 

And for the most part, I like how Westcot works. 

They have a customer service number, and they offer quick and easy returns. 

This means you can return the items you purchased with a few simple steps. 


Select the item you want to return. 


Fill out a Return Request Form. 


Follow the instructions. 

There are several different ways to fill out a return request. 

One option is to use the Westcorp online form. 

Another option is with your local Westcot shop. 

These can be found at Westcott shops or on their website. 

But if you do decide to use a Westcot website, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

Firstly, the Westcoms website is not available to all people. 

 Secondly, if your item is not listed as a Westcott item, it could be another type of Westcot product. 

Thirdly, the company doesn’t offer return shipping. 

However, there’s a service called the Westcon Service that will allow you to ship your items to any Westcot customer in the United States and Canada. 


Make sure your items are in good condition. 

Again, you won’t have to worry about return shipping if you follow the instructions on the package confirmation email sent by Westcot. 


If you need more information about how to return your WestCots office supplies items, check out this article on how to do so.

 If you decide to return items, I recommend checking the Westctools website first to see if your order is eligible for a full refund. 

Then, send an email to the address on your Westcorps order confirmation. 

Finally, make sure your Westctours package is in the mail by December 14th and arrive at your home office on January 15th. 

Hopefully your

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