When Amazon.com Inc. loses, Amazon will have an incentive to be good

Amazon.net article Amazon’s new deal with Microsoft to bring Office 365 to its own cloud platform is good news for customers who need the software to manage their work devices.

Microsoft announced the deal, called Office 365 for Business, on Wednesday, and the service will roll out to Amazon’s own business cloud platform called Azure.

The deal gives Microsoft a foothold in the world of business cloud software, which is where the vast majority of Microsoft’s software businesses are located.

Microsoft already offers a number of business tools and services, including its SharePoint Online and Azure productivity services.

Microsoft’s Azure business cloud services are widely used by companies such as Amazon, and it’s also where Microsoft has invested heavily in the cloud, including a deal to provide $2 billion in cloud computing services to Amazon in 2019.

Microsoft’s Office 365 business cloud service will offer the Microsoft Office suite to Amazon customers, and Microsoft said it will be the default business cloud for Office 365 customers for the foreseeable future.

Microsoft is working with Microsoft’s Office team to make the deal happen, and customers will be able to use Microsoft Office 365 and its Office apps on the Azure platform.

Microsoft said the new deal will make Microsoft’s cloud services more secure and more affordable for customers.

Microsoft has been working with Amazon and other cloud providers on security for Office.

Microsoft will continue to partner with these cloud providers, and this new deal allows them to offer cloud-based security and analytics to Office 365.

Microsoft also said the company will provide cloud-hosted email services and other business cloud features to Amazon and Microsoft’s other customers.

“This is a very significant agreement,” said Chris Toth, a vice president at market research firm Ovum.

“It’s a significant milestone for the business cloud, a significant step forward for Microsoft, and also for customers, who have been looking for cloud-connected tools and capabilities.

The partnership gives Microsoft the business platform to make its cloud services even more secure.”

Microsoft will also offer Microsoft OneDrive, a service that lets customers store and manage files on its own data center, and Windows Server Online.

Microsoft will have to wait for Amazon’s Office 2016 suite of productivity tools to hit the market.

Amazon said it expects to begin selling Office 2016 on its cloud platform sometime in the fourth quarter of next year.

Microsoft Office 2016, which Microsoft is launching later this year, will be available on the Microsoft Azure platform, Azure, and Amazon’s cloud platform.

Microsoft previously said Office 2016 would launch in the first quarter of 2020, but now says it’s expected to launch by the end of 2021.

Microsoft also has Office 365, which includes Office Online, its free cloud-enabled version of Office.

Amazon also said it would begin selling Microsoft Office 2017 products on the same cloud platform Microsoft Office Online was initially designed for.

Microsoft is also working with Google to offer Google Apps as a cloud-to-cloud platform, which could make it easier for developers to build apps for Google’s cloud.

Microsoft has said it is working on a way to make it more convenient for users to access Office 365 applications.

Microsoft isn’t the only company to sign deals with Microsoft for its cloud business services.

Amazon has signed a partnership with Oracle to provide cloud services for its employees.

Apple is also partnering with Microsoft and Oracle to offer iCloud services for employees.

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