Australian security company to provide ‘smart office equipment’ for Australia’s intelligence agencies

The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) is set to begin working with the US National Security Agency (NSA) to build a new ‘smart’ office equipment system for Australia, according to reports.

The Australian-based firm will work on the project in collaboration with the intelligence agency, which has previously said it is looking to build “smart office tools” for agencies across the country.

A spokesperson for ASIO told TechCrunch that it is currently working on the software, but did not give any further details about the specific technology.

The spokesperson also said that “the Australian Government and the US are committed to working together to ensure the full range of capabilities, including those in our shared portfolio, are available to support our intelligence and law enforcement agencies.”

In a statement, ASIO said that the new technology will “provide Australia’s agencies and their employees with a single point of entry into secure computing environments” and will “enable them to collaborate, communicate and collaborate, as well as protect their networks and data from threats and cybercrime.”

It will also be used by law enforcement in Australia to provide “more efficient and effective security and privacy services for Australian and overseas citizens.”

The Australian National Audit Office is currently assessing the project and its impact on the Australian economy, which is expected to be around $40 billion (US$39.9 billion) in lost revenue in 2020.

“The aim of this technology is to support the agencies and other government agencies who are already able to work collaboratively with one another,” ASIO wrote in a statement.

The organisation added that “these technologies are not just useful for building a single, highly secure, cloud-based infrastructure; they also have the potential to transform how agencies and businesses work together, by making them more agile, responsive and efficient.”

The spokesperson did not say when or if the project will be complete, but the spokesperson did say that “ASIO and NSA are committed in working together and have a clear roadmap for the project.”

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